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Virtual Therapy - Wonderful and Effective

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Virtual Therapy is not something new, but wow has it grown into something wonderful and effective. Covid 19 brought a lot of changes to all of us. Were those changes a source of growth, a real eye opener or the reason we shut down? Let me explain.

The reason I love therapy is the connection that I make with the precious souls who trust me to help them through a difficult time. I thought that connection would be lost if I wasn't sitting across the room from them, listening, hearing, guiding. The year 2020 shut down our ability to easily meet together and I was assuming it shut down my ability to connect. I also thought the many types of therapy modalities I could do would be limited. But thankfully I was wrong.

I quickly found that the connection was still there!! Just as many of you have found that although you couldn't see your loved ones in person, a face time or zoom call brought you right back into their world. The smiles were still there (and without a mask I might add!). You could be happy or vulnerable and feel the tie that still held you together. Well therapy was the same! I could still connect with my clients old and freshly new. I was able to discern like I could when they were in the room with me and I could still use those tools that I have found to be so effective.

And there were some eye opening moments as well. My clients who had felt isolated during covid found they had an outlet in virtual therapy. During the months that it was safer to meet together many clients continued to take advantage of the convenience of meeting virtually. They were making the type of rapid progress that is the earmark of my therapy practice and they didn't even have to leave home to do it!

Today my world has expanded because my practice is almost entirely virtual. I have had clients from all over Missouri as well as Canada, England, Dubai and various other places. I look forward to many more meaningful connections and seeing my clients accelerate their healing journeys.

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